24 hours in Lyon - I really need my space - travel blog

Heeeeey, Leila speaking. And this is the part of my website where I tell you how great I am.

I could start this page with “this is not your ordinary dime in a dozen travel blog” – *snore fest*. I’m not gonna do that. Like any other travel blog, I’m same same, not different. This is my no-nonsense listography of places I’ve been to and spaces I like. And just like everyone, I too sometimes like to *mic drop*, pack my bags, and run to another side of the country. Or planet, for that matter.

So who am I? – *WHO IS SHE*

She is a twentysomething – overstatement – girl who landed in Antwerp on the day she was born and who apparently also talks about herself in the third person. I have a huge urge to travel, an endless bucket list, an empty wallet and not enough hours in a day. So I go out on weekends. Then weekends become midweeks. Full weeks. Months, maybe.

Tips, tricks, Q’s or A’s? Holla at me.

tl;dr: travel listography of spaces visited by a girl who would buy a rocket ship if she could afford it.