Ciao bella: how to spend one day in Siena

Does Italy ever disappoint? The pizza and pasta, the sunsets, the vino, the dolce vita. Siena in a nutshell. An absolute must-visit, located right in the heart of Tuscany. How to spend one day in Siena? Well, like this.
One day in Siena: to do
Start at Piazza Del Campo & Palazzo Pubblico

Piazza Del Campo the first thing people think of when you mention Siena. This square is famous for its yearly horse races, it’s even considered UNESCO World Heritage. Palazza Pubblico on the other hand, is the city hall and located right in the middle of the Piazza Del Campo. You know. The one with the big tower (Torre del Mangia). You can go up and even visit the Museo Civico on the first floor.

Next: Duomo di Siena & Piccolomini library

So. This duomo – or cathedral – was one of the most beautiful duomos I ever saw. It has such beautiful colours and the architecture is crazy. The library is inside the cathedral and thanks to the pretty frescos, this library feels more like an art museum.

Museo Dell’Opera & Panorama del Facciatone

You bought a ticket to the Museo Dell’Opera? Good for you, ’cause now you get access to Panorama del Facciatone. You’ll have to climb about 131 stairs, but once you’re on top, the view is breathtaking, since you’re right next to the Duomo and the typical Tuscany views are one pretty backdrop if you ask me. Be a smart cookie and do this one first, and then visit the Museo Dell’Opera, the impressive museum in the Duomo.

Stroll around

Time to chill! Since all the little streets in Siena are magnificent, just start strolling around. And maybe get your shop on a little, you’d be amazed how many shops and boutiques Siena has to offer.

La Fortezza

Right on top of this 16th century building you have a beautiful view of Siena. Every Wednesday morning, there is a market in the Fortezza neighborhood, think: typical Italian market with clothes, flowers, food.

One day in Siena: to eat

A girl’s gotta eat, am I right? Thank the lord for giving us Italian food. All these places are located quite central, so no need to interrupt your schedule.


Torrefazione Fiorella: the best coffee and sweets in Siena
Piazza del Campo: there are a lot of restaurants on the Piazza, yes it’s a little bit more expensive but rather negligible
Pasticceria Buti: known for their caramellato, a pastry with caramel and whipped cream aka everything I need in my life

breakfast of champions: tiramisu

Gino Cacino: fancy little deli, it doesn’t get more Italian than this
Morbidi: I loved Morbidi. We asked to get ‘a little bit of this and a little bit of that’, just to taste as many things as possible. Also: try the Hugo

One day in Siena - I really need my space travel blog

La Sosta di Violante: apparently one of the best restaurants in Siena that never gets boring
Pizzeria Poppi: for all your pizza cravings
Osteria Il Grattacielo: for when you need to have an easy bite

So that’s it for Siena! Europe all the way? Say no more! Check out the rest of our Europe articles. x