The most Instagrammable spots in Seminyak

Pretty colors everywhere! Seminyak wasn’t exactly our favorite place in Bali, but it was a pleasure for the eyes. There were so many cool spots and nice restaurants, that Seminyak scores quite high on the hipness meter. With these five as the most Instagrammable spots in Seminyak!

1/ Sea Circus

Definitely the most popular restaurant in Seminyak. They have a breakfast, lunch and evening menu and every. single. thing. is YUM. From ricotta pancakes to tacos to açai bowls. All for a reasonable price. But not only the food is worth the visit, their interior is pretty AF. Every detail is right. It’s crazy.

2/ Motel Mexicola

Mexican food, always good. I’ve never felt the South American vibes as good as in this restaurant, thanks to every corner that oozes the warmth of Mexico.

3/ Mesari Beach

Every night, just before sunset, all the beach bars (and there are a lot of those) get out their colorful chairs and bean bags so you can enjoy that beautiful sunset.

4/ Frida

Close to Motel Mexicola is a very hipstah painting of Frida Kahlo, by Oxel. Pastel is life, yo.

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Ice ice, baby.

That’s it for Instagrammable spots in Seminyak! Aren’t pictures enough for you? Check our Bali travel video. 🙂