All the things to do in Reykjavik – travel guide

Iceland’s capital. Remember how you had to decompose its name entirely while studying European capital cities. It’s the purest capital of Europe. Grab this Reykjavik travel guide. And let’s go.

Reykjavik travel guide - I really need my space - travel blog
Harpa – cultural center

A cultural center where you can catch a show. But also beautiful architecture and nice stores inside. Definitely, a must-visit, especially since it’s such an important piece in the Reykjavik skyline. 

Reykjavik travel guide - I really need my space - travel blog

Hallgrímskirkja – church

A very peculiar building, very Icelandic but then again, not really. Oh well, go inside, it’s worth a visit. When they start playing the organ, everyone becomes quiet. Goosebumps all over.

Spot the northern light

Alright, you can see the Aurora Borealis from everywhere in Iceland, but we saw it in Reykjavik. We drove to the Grótta Island Lighthouse. We were not the only ones there, plenty of tourists were already waiting for the light to appear in the sky. And yep, after a good 30 minutes, it showed itself to us. Hurray!
(but before you go, check the Aurora forecast). 

Blue Lagoon

Super famous, this hot spring, and definitely worth a visit. It’s rather pricey (40,-) and you have to make reservations. Otherwise, you won’t get in and you’ll be left there, outside, in the cold, with a towel.
Tip: Don’t wear your best swimsuit and don’t get your hair wet (if you do insist on diving in deep, put some conditioner in your hair before you do). Also; take half the day for his excursion.

Reykjavik travel guide - I really need my space - travel blog

Restaurant Bryggjan

After a good swim you’re always hungry (scientifically proven). There is a restaurant next to Blue Lagoon, but very touristy, so drive a couple of miles and go to Restaurant Bryggjan. Maybe ‘restaurant’ is a bit too ambitious a word, it’s more of a café where they only have two kinds of soup. BUT!!!

  1. Best soup I ever had
  2. ZERO tourists
  3. Sometimes they start playing jazz

Believe me, you can’t pass on that one.

Tjörnin – lake

A nice lake in the middle of the center, you can’t miss it. Perfect picnic spot, right hurr. 

Imagine Peace Tower

Aww, a tribute to John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Reykjavik Museum of Photography

Great museum with a free exhibition here and there.

Reykjavik travel guide - I really need my space - travel blog

Laugardalslaug – swimming pool

A rather large pool in the center. A good spot to go and relax after a long day of city-tripping. It’s a little crowded but hey, the more half-naked humans, the merrier!

Warm water sources

Want to visit a hot spring? These are my three personal recommendations: Reykjadalur, Hrunalaug en Seljavallalaug.

Reykjavik travel guide: practical

  • We stayed at the Stay Apartments Einholt, cheap and right near the city center. Cozy apartment with a mini-kitchen

That’s it for Reykjavik. I hope you liked this Reykjavik travel guide! But don’t only visit Iceland’s capital, go to Vik as well. It’s only the most beautiful nature I’ve ever seen. Don’t know what to wear yet? Check out my packing list

Reykjavik travel guide - I really need my space - travel blog