4 days in Ubud – travel guide

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How. Chill. Is. Ubud?! By far my favorite place in Bali. By far. Culturally a lot to do, hip-hipper-hipst and a real Walhalla for when veggie the way of life is. Wonderful place to stay, that’s for sure. But if you’re not sure yet what to do, let this Ubud travel guide be your guide and you’ll be fine.

Tegallalang // rice field

No Bali without rice paddies. Grab a scooter, cruise for 30 minutes and hello Tegallalang! Beautiful rice field where you can choose between a long or short walking route (I recommend the long one).

Ubud travel guide - I really need my space travel blog

Bali sign

Right at the end of your walk in Tegallalang, you can find an I Love Bali sign. Do I hear Instagram calling?

Ubud travel guide - I really need my space travel blog

Pura Tirta Empul // temple

Most beautiful temple of Ubud (and maybe Bali) in my opinion. A very Hindu place where you can cleanse yourself in the holy water. We saw a woman screaming, shrieking, fainting. All because she was being possessed by the devil, up until her visit to the temple. True story.

Disclaimer: we saw a lot of tourists bathing in the holy water doing the ritual as well. That’s cool, but don’t do it for the selfies and all. Disrespectful to all the people who came all the way up there to cleanse themselves.

Ubud travel guide - I really need my space travel blog

Kanto Lampo // waterfall

Bali and waterfalls, it goes together like socks and shoes. Kanto Lampo is a special kind of waterfall though because you can climb it. Do you hear me? You can climb this waterfall. The Lara Croft inside of me came out, cool as ever.

Oh yeah, bring your bikini/swim attire. You have to go through the water to see the waterfall.

Ubud travel guide - I really need my space - travel blog


Hotel life

The good thing about Bali is that you officially have a license to chill. It’s the ideal place to spend some money on a fancy-ass hotel, such as The Moksha Ubud. Those four nights we spent there, were by far the best hotel experience in four months Southeast Asia.

Kecak dancing

A hundred men dancing in front of you, what do you (me) want more? It’s so impressive to see. Spoiler: there might be fire involved. If you want to see a show, just walk through Ubud, people will ask you if you want to buy a ticket. Say yes.

Ubud travel guide - I really need my space - travel blog

Yoga life

There are sooooooo many spots in Ubud where you can practice yoga, it’s insane. So pick one! The Yoga Barn is the most popular one and good for the experienced yogi, Radiantly Alive is a bit calmer and Taksu Yoga is the perfect fit for you if you prefer your yoga-time with just a few people and a crazy environment.

Monkey forest

The name says it all. Monkeys. They are very tame and calm. But yeah, monkeys.

Poo coffee

Yummmmm. Loewak coffee is known as one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Kopi is the Indonesian word for coffee, where Loewak is the local name for a civet-cat who eats the raw red coffee berries. And poops it out. In Belgium, you pay about €30 for one cup in some hipster coffee shop. In Ubud, you can find it a lot cheaper and take it home!

Ubud travel guide - I really need my space travel blog


All that food! Damn. So many vegan and veggie options, it didn’t seem real. It was real, though. Eat and enjoy, that’s about it. I recommend The Spell Creperie in particular because even now when I think about their (organic) pancakes, I tear up a little.

Ubud travel guide - I really need my space - travel blog


Ubud swing

Didn’t do this one myself because I’m not going to swing a couple of dozen of meters above the ground but other people seem to like it.

That’s it! I hope this Ubud travel guide helps you a bit. Enjoy this lovable city. It’s the best one in Bali.